ReBrewie - Improved software and firmware for your Brewie

ReBrewie pre-release for communtiy members (+ v3.1.3 release, see below)

As you can see, we haven't found the time to build a proper website yet.

The ReBrewie installation requires a 2-step update process
Step 1 to 5 in the instructions below will install the near-official 3.1.3 release. This version only includes a limited amount of bugfixes and will not include any new features besides the "Software Settings" menu, 
this version will not affect the brewing process and safety features in any way compared to the latest official 3.1.2 version as released by Brewie.
Step 6 to 8 will install ReBrewie and includes (partially built from scratch) improvements and new features for both the B20 and the B20+.

This installation procedure is only required once. Your Brewie will automatically update via the ReBrewie update server when a new version is available.

Please note that, after opting in to the ReBrewie software, you will be able to opt-out and revert to the near-official version.


ReBrewie is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Brewie/Newity Kft. All content belongs to the respective owners/developers.
Any software update packages and/or services provided by us is provided "as-is" and may void your warranty and/or may violate Brewies terms and conditions, the use of any services and/or software offered by ReBrewie will be completely at your own risk.
By using ReBrewie, the Brewie's Terms and Conditions still apply. We have tried to contact Brewie/Newity Kft. customer service in order to request formal permission, however; as the domain is no longer in use and no longer owned by
Brewie/Newity Kft., and Brewie/Newity Kft. has not shown any signs that they will be able to offer official support to owners of a Brewie device anytime soon, we think ReBrewie will be considered as "fair use" and is in the best interest
of both owners of a Brewie device and Brewie as a brand. ReBrewie is not an official entity, anything related to ReBrewie has been contributed by consumers owning a Brewie device, voluntarily offering best effort support to other consumers owning
a Brewie device in order to get the most out of our Brewie devices. ReBrewie contributors involved with this website and services offered by this website specifically do not intent to distribute any intellectual property to anyone without permission as described
in Brewie's Terms and Conditions (1a) and have implemented technical methods (similar to how Brewie/Newity Kft. offered software updates to Brewie devices) in order to prevent unlicensed use of intellectual property by third parties.   


A Brewie B20 or B20+ with internet connection (either via WiFi or wired via the USB ethernet adapter)
-  Putty ,
   Download the standalone application from - There's no need to use the Putty installer.
- Linux/MacOS
  None (the SSH client is already installed by default in MacOS and most linux distributions)


After installation, recalibrate your machine using the built-in calibration function
 - In most official 3.x versions, calibration was not functioning. ReBrewie is currently optimized for calibration at an ambient temperature of 18°C/64.4°F

Check your temperature sensor calibration:
 - The temperature sensors may require re-calibration. It is recommended to test your boil tank calibration using Brewmaster Mode (or when using 3.1.3, developer mode using the "morecontrol" recipe):
   - Pour at least 7 liters of water into the boiling tank (tip: use a kettle to pre-heat the water in order to speed up the process)
   - Enable the boil heater via Brewmaster Mode and set the target temperature to 110°C
   - With the lid closed, wait for a rolling boil and keep boiling the water for a few minutes
   - If the temperature reported is under 99C or above 101C, manual recalibration is strongly recommended. For instructions, follow the "Temperature Calibration" section of the document at

If your Brewie hasn't been used for a while and was not properly shutdown using the power button (opens the internal valves before power-off), some internal tubing may be clogged. This will often be resolved by trying to circulate hot water through the machine, applying some air pressure (using the unclogging tool) may help as well. Don't use extremely high air pressure as this may cause leaks.

Installation instructions:

1: Find your Brewie's IP address (menu - settings - wifi - tap your current connection (in green), the IP address will be shown)
2: Login to your Brewie via SSH
     - Open putty.exe, type the Brewie's IP address in the "Host Name (or IP address)" and click "Open"
     - Putty will likely show warning, click "Yes" to continue
     - A new window will open and prompts you to type the username. type "root" (without quotes) and press enter.
     - Type the password "terminat" (without quotes) and press enter.
     - Open the terminal application
     - type "ssh root@YourBrewieIP" (without quotes), where YourBrewieIP is the IP address found in step 1 (e.g. ssh root@ if the Brewie's IP address is
     - Type the password "terminat" (without quotes) and press enter.
3: Copy/paste the following command (INCLUDING quotes). (Note for Putty users: right-click to paste, crl-v doesn't work in Putty)
   echo "" >> /etc/hosts && sync && reboot

4: B20+ devices should now reboot, B20 devices will shutdown and need to be powered on by using the power button at the back. If your unit does not shutdown/reboot, unplug the Brewie and plug it back in and power-on as usual.
5: Your Brewie should now update to our improved near-official 3.1.3 release. Follow the insctructions on screen.
6: To install ReBrewie, open the menu, scroll down and tap "Software Settings", check "Community Software Updates" and press save.
7: A popup will request you to restart the machine. Restart the machine now.
   Note: when pressing Cancel the settings will revert and you'll have to go back to step 6.
8: Your Brewie will update to ReBrewie. Follow the instructions on screen

  Note: You can always rollback to the near-official 3.1.3 release by unchecking the checkbox in step 6.

Release notes:

3.1.3-rc3 - Near official Brewie software and firmware (compared to Brewie's official 3.1.2 release)
Based on the latest official latest 3.1.2 release from brewie with minor bugfixes:

 - Water calibration function fixed: Calibration did not function in the latest releases from Brewie. Although it did perform the calibration process, the new calibration data was not saved.
 - Faster start-up: "LogUploader" is now disabled by default.
     Official software versions shared your realtime and historic usage data to, which is no longer in use. By disabling this feature your Brewie will boot faster.
 - Software Settings menu added, allowing you to opt-in and opt-out to ReBrewie/Community software updates and enabling/disabling sharing usage data (the "LogUploader" functionality)
 - Time settings bugfix: When changing the time settings, a brew process was "started". Although it didn't actually start anything, it did show up on the home screen.
 - Update server and usage data sharing domain changed to ( is no longer owned by Brewie/Newity Kft., potential security risk) 

ReBrewie 4.0.0-rc3 (release candiate/pre-release)
 - All changes as implemented in our near official 3.1.3 version
 - ReBrewie B20+ MCU firmware (Applicable to B20+ devices only, official Brewie 3.1.2 firmware will be used on B20 devices)  
    - Rebuilt from scratch
    - Fully utilises pump speed control, hopping will now be silent process.
    - Improved water inlet procedure accuracy (requires recalibration at ~18 degrees C, needs a fix in the GUI in order to support other temperatures)
    - Power indication leds - button leds reflect heater power.
    - Improved diagnostic reporting
       - Flashing button leds when heater is malfunctioning
       - Temperatures set under the previous step won't screw up the system any more! (although cooling would be slow and require you to open the mash tank lid)
    - As many mashing steps as you need (Official Brewie firmware is limited to 3 steps, regardless of how many steps you have set in the recipe)
    - Mashing/sparging flow adjusted.
    - Improved sensor communication failure recovery handling

 - ReBrewie software/user interface (B20/B20+)
   - New boot animation
   - Improved diagnostic error messages (Pump clogged, heater malfunction)
   - Brewmaster Mode (formerly Developer mode) button in home screen
   - Brewmaster Mode new functionality:
      - Rearranged live data
      - Live pump info
      - Enable both heaters at the same time (Does not actually enable power to both heaters, MCU will switch between heaters the same way as during automated brewing processes. Target temperature color will reflect if the heater is active-on (red) or active-standby (orange).
   - During brewing process, tank will show if a heater is active-on (powered on) or active-standby (temporarily powered-off).
   - Theme menu - change the color scheme of the user interface
   - When the Brewie is set to imperial units, manual water addition screen shows current water level in imperial units
   - Estimated brewing time improvements (Improved, not perfect)
   - Shows estimated end time during brew
   - MCU firmware version in About screen
   - Shell debug tools
      - Command aliases "taill", "taild", "tailb" and "tails" will output and tail the latest launcher, debug, brewing and standby log file. (press ctrl-c to quit)
Known issues:
Both B20 and B20+ devices:
 - Immediately after powering on the device, some buttons or menu items may not respond. All functionality will be available within 30 seconds after showing the home screen.
 - Estimated brew times have been improved but still may be inaccurate. Work in progress.
 - When you tap the "Brew" button from the recipe view, and then leave without canceling the brew, it creates the Actual Brewing object even though nothing is really there. You can reselect a recipe, but unless you click on it and cancel it, you can not use functions that are unavailable while brewing (like Brewmaster Mode).
B20 devices:
 - Brewmaster mode(former Developer mode) may show incorrect water levels. The B20 does not use a "toLiterNull" value, meaning it is not aware of its weight when empty. Its null value will be set during brewing (and cleaning). Using Brewmaster mode after brewing/cleaning should show more accurate water levels. This is a hardware limitation of the B20.
 - Manual water pouring view may show incorrect water levels. We'll try to fix this in a later version.
B20+ devices:
 - When a brew process is paused the fans will stop. The air pressure difference will affect the pressure sensor and may cause the reported water levels to decrease.

Privacy and data collection:

By using our software updates, all data previously sent to Brewie( will be sent to, however; the functionality that shares realtime and historical usage data, as included in the official software, has been disabled by default.
When powering on your Brewie device running a software update offered by us, it will send a request including the serial number and software version to our update server. If an update is available, we will collect the IP address, serial number, current software version and offered software version. This information may be used to offer support, troubleshoot and keep track of the amount of installations.